Sterne Family Photos

  1. April 2010 - Planter boxes

    The [url=]sub-irrigated planters[/url] are work…

  2. 2009 - New Year's Eve

    Adam and Tess came to visit us for New Year's Eve and we also got to visit Noah who showed us around Golden Gate Park and Land's E…

  3. 2009 - Tess and Adam's Wedding

    Tess and Adam's wedding in Palos Verdes, CA

  4. 2009 - Yosemite Valley

    Hillary and I, Mom and Dad, and Nathalie and Mike spent the weekend in Yosemite.

  5. 2009 - Summer vacation in Vancouver

    Hillary and I spent the week of our 3rd anniversary in Vancouver.

  6. 2009 - Painted the bedroom

    Hillary and I painted the bedroom and bathroom and put up some great looking picture railing

  7. 20090626 - Memorial Park Camping

    Dennis and Marsha came up and we spent the weekend camping at Memorial Park.

  8. 20090417 - Butano State Park

    Hillary and I went camping in Butano State Park and visited Año Nuevo on the way home.

  9. 2009 - Wildflower Hike at Mt. Diablo

    Mom, Dad, Hillary and I spent Easter morning hiking Mitchell Canyon on Mt. Diablo

  10. 2009 - Monterey

    Hillary and I spent a night in Monterey for Valentimes.

  11. 2009 - The Joses Visit for New Year's

    Dennis, Marsha and Tess came to visit us

  12. 2008 - Our First Tree

    Hillary and I got our first tree and decked it out with all the ornaments we've collected the past two years.

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